Montag, Mai 30, 2011

Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain

anyone who is screaming now ... wtf is that !? ...
I agree with you :D
bullshit ;D
The book&the film ... >____<
I hate French ...

*that should be me*
*lalalalala sing*

That should be me ...

You said you needed a little time 
for my mistakes 
It's funny how you use that time 
to have me replaced 
Did you think that I wouldn't see you out at the movies 
Whatcha doin' to me 
you're taken' him where we used to go 
Now if you're tryin' to break my heart 
it's working 'cause you know that

That should be me
Holdin' your hand
That should be me
Makin' you laugh
That should be me
This is so sad
That should be me
That should be me
That should be me
Feelin' your kiss
That should be me
buyin' you gifts
This is so wrong,
I can't go on,
till you believe that
That should be me


ahhhhh old times old pains ...
why does it hurt again ? ...
anyway love this cover ♥

Sonntag, Mai 29, 2011

fuck sunday -.-*

sunday ...
where am I ?
yesss ...
I am helping my parents in their restaurant :s

happy belated birthday Phill :*

Samstag, Mai 28, 2011

6 months :D
nice day ... :*
centrO ...etc. ;*

Donnerstag, Mai 26, 2011

I am so sick (>___<)

oh damn ...
my throat ...
my head ...
my ... my ... my ...
ahhh it hurts ... (>___<)
Can't nobody help ? O:

one thing I want to let it out ...
you're so immature ... ridiculous ...
I hate you -.-'
can't believe that I trust/love/etc. you so much -.-*'
victim !!!

Mittwoch, Mai 25, 2011


I can't get biology in my mind (>___<)
Thinking about everything but no biology ...
WTF is that !? -.-*

Montag, Mai 23, 2011

I hate ... -.-*'

My day was so wonderful ...
and now !?
sitting in my sweet room ♥
& learning sociel science -.-*'
but I know that I am not the only stupid person,who is beginning to learn today :P

anyway keep fighting guys ;*
I'll fight tooooo :s

MiMiDay :D

eating PizzaHut :D
drinking Bubble Tea :D
What a wonderful day ♥

Samstag, Mai 21, 2011

Feeling sick ... :(

stay in bed :O
my nose flow like a waterfall -.-*'
tissue tissue tissue ...
damn ... I guess I am like rudolf >___<
My nose is pretty red -.-*'
what about tomorrow ? :O
will I be able to go to Frankfurt again ? :O
hope so :s

& my neck hurts tooooooo >_____<

Freitag, Mai 20, 2011

shoeless through the district ♥

going without shoes through Oberhausen :D
hihihi ... back from driving school :)

Donnerstag, Mai 19, 2011

Stupid -.-*'

I don't know the reason for posting this ...
but if you follow my blog you should know that I often write some shits ... :P
anyway ...
I'm sooooo tired and in a bad mood ... -.-*'

ahhhh this feeling to let it out is so ... :DD

Montag, Mai 16, 2011

Fuck yourself :)

It seems as if that is our destination ...
No more discuss ...
I guess we can't change our destination :)
Fuck yourself :**

Samstag, Mai 14, 2011

Betrothal ♥

Being in Frankfurt for celebrating this ♥
Nice nice nice ;D

Sonntag, Mai 08, 2011

and the next kiss goes to my Dummiii :*

Thank you for today ;*

I hope my hard way will get more easy some days ...
& then I will commemorate Unni&Dummiii ♥
I love you two ;*

Samstag, Mai 07, 2011

A big kiss to my Unni :*

Thank you for listening & for yesterday :*
I ♥ YOU :*

Big trouble xO

Trouble here trouble there ...
everywhere some troubles -.-'

fuck u all & get off my back -.-'