Donnerstag, März 31, 2011

5 courses of meal ♥

I will be a cook ;D

making 5 courses of meal :D
for Luke ♥ & after all my Honey ♥

Mittwoch, März 30, 2011

Make-Up ♥

time for my honey to learn how to make up a woman  :P
not bad not bad :P

Dienstag, März 29, 2011

I ♥ memories

nice day with a lot of memories ♥
sometimes I think memories are the best thing that you could ever leave for me ♥
don't want to think about the bad thing :D

Ex ♥

A nice day with my Boys ♥
the most horrible thing was syringe TT___TT
my haunch hurt ._______.
Hate this >____<
anyway for this summer I am save (Y)
Thx&Sorry to Sebiii ;*
for being there and all the rest of it ♥
*big kiss*
Love you ♥
keyboard was boring ._______.

p.s. yesss ich hab getun x'D
that's right (!!!)

Sonntag, März 27, 2011

Pencil&Eraser ♥

Pencil: You know,I'm really sorry.

Eraser: For what? You didn't do anything wrong.

Pencil: I'm sorry,'cause you get hurt because of me.Whenever I make a mistake,you're always there to erase it.But as you make my mistakes vanish,you lose a part of yourself.You get smaller and smaller every time.

Eraser: That's true,but I don't really mind.You see,I was made to do this.I was made to help you whenever you do something wrong.Even though,one of these days,I know I'll be gone and you have to replace me with a new one,I'm actually happy with my job.So please,stop worrying.I hate seeing you sad.

Sunday morning ♥

SUNDAY 10:30h (!!!)
I guess a lot of you are still in your warm bed ...
& what did I do ?!
I was awake to take the dog for a ride !
Unbelieveable x'D
anyway ...
cooking&cuddling (Y)

do you know that I really like to take pic's ? x'D
hmmmm maybe I won't be doctor anymore :P

My empty plate x'D

Schwarzwalderkirsch ♥

Samstag, März 26, 2011

All I can see is ...

Christian x*
Em yeu anh nhieu lam :*

...Eating cake with my mom O:
Little cheap fake of Dummiii's fam ?! x)
Finally I ate my Berliner alone >____>


Dear Dummiii...

... I want to show you something
this is MARKKNOCHEN...
but we mean the same ;*
something to read about Markknochen&Knochenmark
I love you :* ♥

Freitag, März 25, 2011

Ruhr ♥

ahhhhh time for Ruhr ♥
nice nice nice :D
I ♥ campfire

Donnerstag, März 24, 2011

Women are always right (!!!)

Noooo sport today ... like the other 5 weeks befor :P
anyway ...
meeting Luke in the bus ♥
Chill some rounds with him :)
& cook with him ...
hmmmm he cooked :P

Mittwoch, März 23, 2011

Ice_Cream ♥

riding bikes with Dummiii&my cutest Bro ♥
after all eating a big dish of ice_cream *____*

Dienstag, März 22, 2011

Learning English TT____TT

nc... >_____<
I hate this (!!!)
I hate when people constrain me to learn ... or whatever ... -______-

Montag, März 21, 2011

MiMi_Day ♥

Mc's...Reno... (Y)

Freitag, März 18, 2011

mixed feelings :s

I should be happy...
It was magic today...
I don't know why...but I've to think of her ...
I know ...she's the past...
I know I am his present&future ...
but will bad memories ever die ? ...
Will I be able to forget this ? ...

Cold :s

Chilling @ Anna ♥
but it was so cooooooold >_____________<
I needed sooo many blanket :P
anyway ... (Y)

Pizza :D

hahaha making pizzaaaaa with BiBus ♥ (Memories ♥)
although it looks ok but it taste very very very sweet TT____TT
That's not hw pizza should taste like .________.
maybe it tastes so sweet because of a lovely thought at my Schwarzwalderkirschtorte ♥

Without cheeeeeese :D
With Cheeeeeeese ♥

Donnerstag, März 17, 2011

asshole ✔

finding more stupid guys in this world TT___TT

but don't missunderstand me O:
I love my Dummiii
I don't mean him ;*

hope that he won't be one ;*

I hate maths -____________________-

I don't know the reason ...
but now I've big problems with school TT___TT
most notably maths ~__________~

Mittwoch, März 16, 2011

Sick TT___TT

Oh Damn ...
I am sick now TT___TT
Can't leave my bed without help :s
Fortunately I've Unni&Dummiii :*

Montag, März 14, 2011


Again @ Primark
but this time I didn't buy anything :P
surprised ? xD

Sonntag, März 13, 2011

Lee's Garden

I pay my parents at dinner :P
with the money homework mentoring :P
Am I nice ? xP

Samstag, März 12, 2011

Girls_Day (Y)

Being nearly the whole day with my cutiiis (*___*)
Nice ;*

Fail ? x'D

I guess you all know that today it's saturday ...
So it's time for me to cook something or bake something xS
hmmm... today I tried a meal of my grandmother ...
I thought her son/my father would manage it with me xO
No way ! x'D
I've to work on my own x/
I should broil the porkbelly_meat and add some spicery :'D
Sounds very easy right ?
but while I am doing this I've to take a look at my Cha Siu Baau
which looks better than my pork... but doens't tastes soooo well x'D

take a look : ;*

Donnerstag, März 10, 2011

Old Times ♥

haha with Pumpkin&&&... @ Primark
62€ @ Primark
29.85€ @ H&M
7.99€ @ Dunkin' Donut
noooo money for this month anymore TT____TT

anyway it was nice ♥

Hamm ?
Yesss,so siehst du auch aus x'D

funny funny funny x'D

love you ♥

*yummy yummy yummy*

Dienstag, März 08, 2011

D_Dorf ♥

Pic's in D_Dorf ♥
Eating in CentrO. ;D
after all music_school ;S
anyway ... nice day ...
but shit ending (!)

Montag, März 07, 2011


going CentrO.
eating KFC
with 2 best men ♥

I love you :*

Sonntag, März 06, 2011

World of Warcraft ♥

haha I bet with my Dummiii...
that I'll manage this game till lv 10 (!!!)
Take a look Dummiii ;*
where am I ? :*

Samstag, März 05, 2011

Saturday night ♥

party @ BiBuM ♥
everybody in a costume :P
sooo funny :*
I am a fay x*

good luck
BiBuM&Huyen ♥

Freitag, März 04, 2011

I thought I could go eating KFC & shopping ...
but suddenly something comes between ...
so ... I've to be in Gelsenkirche :s
anyway ... the problem is away &
I could take a butcher's at PRIMARK ;)
whatever ..
It was lol :*
as always

Donnerstag, März 03, 2011

My Laptop is back ♥

Yeaaaaiiii :D
I got it back ;*

but all my datas are delete ._____.

the nice memories ... *CRY*

do you have some music for me ? ;P