Montag, Februar 28, 2011

Chocolate ♥

nice day my LilaLauneBär

Dummiii ♥

3 Monate schön bunt
und bei uns läuft alles rund.
Nie mehr wieder lasse ich los,
denn das mit uns ist endlos!
Kein anderer kann dich ersetzen...
nur du kannst mich so verhexen!
An deiner Seite,wie ein Traum...
glauben mag ich es kaum!
Trotzdem ist das wahr!
Das mit uns ist sonneklar!
Nimm meine Hand und lass uns fliegen,
denn zu zweit können wir alles kriegen!
Trennen kann man uns nicht!
Die Zweisamkeit eine Pflicht!

hope you like it ;*


It makes me cry to see that we've to go our own way ...
I guess everything is really over now ...
Thx for the nice time ♥
Memories ♥

Samstag, Februar 26, 2011

Losing my "Festplatte" & the rest (N)

Ohhhh damn ... my laptop is fucked up TT____TT
have to send it away >____<

Mittwoch, Februar 23, 2011

Surprise,surprise,surprise (N)

hmmmm...don't you now... I hate surprises !? ...
Never mind (>____>) ...
keep this for the next time (TT___TT)

disappointed (X___X)

Freitag, Februar 18, 2011


Drinking Cocktails without alk >___> @ Alex with Laura,Michel & Dummiii

After that watching Freundschaft Plus with Dummiii

& for finishing this beautiful day: 45sec

Dienstag, Februar 15, 2011

Art_project ♥

isn't it cute !? (*___*)

Montag, Februar 14, 2011

Happy Valentine ♥

hope you guys like my presents for you (*___~)
Love you all ♥
Happy Valentine ♥

Samstag, Februar 12, 2011

Ice_Cream ♥

ahhhh summer_feeling in my heart ♥
but loneliness is also in my heart
try to fight...
it seems so impossible ... :"/

Freitag, Februar 11, 2011

school_report TT____TT

a very big disappointment ...

anyway ...
the day was sooo amazing (*____*)
party with him [♥] & the other guys [♥]

Sonntag, Februar 06, 2011

Internship report .________.

ahhhh I hate this (!!!)
Now I've to write a report of my internship (>___<)
Is there anybody who could help me ?! pls ;*

call me (!!!) x*

Samstag, Februar 05, 2011

Tet @ Oberhausen ♥

yesterday was his day  ☻
today was my day ☺
monday will be our day ♥

Dummiii has to try everything x*
it was a strange feeling to have my bf beside me :s
anyway nice evening toooooo ;*

Freitag, Februar 04, 2011

B_day with ~his~ family ♥

hmmm...I thought it would be a disaster :s
but it was a very nice evening ♥
love his fam ♥

New hair straightener

It was love at first sign (♥___♥)

Happy Birthday my Dummiii ♥

Happy Birthday to you ♥
Happy Birthday to you ♥
Happy Birthday dear Dummiii ♥
Happy Birthday to you ♥

I love you my Dummiii ♥

Mittwoch, Februar 02, 2011

Chúc mừng năm mới (!!!)

@ all asian people
I wish you a happy new year ;D

Dienstag, Februar 01, 2011

Speckiii & Diebiii in D_Dorf ♥

aaaahhhh what a beautiful day with my Speckiii ♥

hmmmm... we wanted to make some photos in the shop but the machine doesn't work (~___~)
hate this (-___-)
anyway it was awesome ♥