Montag, Januar 31, 2011

Circle_Lenses ♥

nice right !?

With CL ♥

Without :s

Mi(chel)Mi(mi)_Day ♥

today with Luke ♥
a crazy night x*

Do you recognize the CircleLenses !?

Cute right!?

Sonntag, Januar 30, 2011

Pure_Lust (*___*)

ahhhh nice day
and now it's time to take a tea & chill :P

Couple Cooking ♥

My Honey&Me:
Poulet à la Roulette
(it was very very delicious (Y))
Spicy Orange Chicken Wings
(fail ;P)
(delicious toooooo)

nice day ♥

Samstag, Januar 29, 2011

Nutella_Cup_Cakes ♥

take a look @ my Cup_Cakes :P
I know they don't look well ... but they taste good :P

Freitag, Januar 28, 2011

Last Day :D

the laboratory_room is mine :P

working alone x)

don't want to go to school anymore >_________________<

Montag, Januar 24, 2011

2 new roommates ♥

My parents want to throw our fish tank away :'(
but there're still 3 fishes O:
what to do with them ?! (ó___Ò) 2 of them are in my room (*___*)
(which is still not finished ... I need a new lamp !!! )
& my bro took one D:
isn't that nice ? :P

hope it's right what I do now x)
but I guess it's better then throw them away :'s

anyway ...
I'll look after them ♥

Any ideas for their names ?

Mi(chel)Mi(mi)_Day ♥

It's monday :D
so it's time for MiMi_Day ♥

doing some funny thing x*

hmmm...strange ? x* but cool ♥

first day in the Praxis ;P

it*s the 6 day of my intership but my 1 day in the praxis ;D

soooooo many codes soooo many new words (~____~)

Samstag, Januar 22, 2011

Review of the week with Unni :*

Unni was here (*___*)
we talked a lot about the week & the other shit things x*
She was eating Mi Gioi & I was having my lovely tea (*___~)
Nice :D

Freitag, Januar 21, 2011

Bored during the lecture ?

that's the result of 2h lecture in UniEssen :P

take some sheets of paper & your BF :*

That's all you need for an unforgettable lecture ♥

I couldn't show you all the paper ... because I guess you don't want to see that x*

Donnerstag, Januar 20, 2011

Old MacDonald ♥

Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O.
And on his farm he had a cow, E-I-E-I-O.
With a "moo-moo" here and a "moo-moo" there.
Here a "moo" there a "moo"
Everywhere a "moo-moo"!
Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O.

like it x*

hihihi little insider ♥


Speed_lecture (Y)
3 lectures in 1 Day (*___*)

sooooo tired (!!!)

Mittwoch, Januar 19, 2011

Lolli...Lolli...ohhh...Lollipop (!!!)


I have a catchy song :P
Lolli...Lolli...ohhh...Lollipop...Lolli...Lolli...ohhh...Lollipop (!!!) remind me of something (*___~)

I'm in a gooood moooooooood :D

Shopping for my honey x*

with Bibi in CentrO. to finish my present for him ♥


my second lecture (*____*)
i like it :P

but that makes me a bit tired (TT___TT)
want to sleep right now !
(in his arms) :*

Dienstag, Januar 18, 2011


Why are universities so unpredictable !? ... -.-'
anyway ...
I've bought all presents :D

Valentine's Day...
you can come right now (!!!) (*___~)

Montag, Januar 17, 2011


hahaha nice nice nice (Y)

I don't have to do much :'s

I was at the prelude
& from 10 o'clock
We were going shopping in Essen (*___*)

Student_Life rocks (!!!)

Sonntag, Januar 16, 2011

Tea (*___*)

ahhhh...all I could see is trouble X(
Never mind :P
take a tea & your laptop & just enjoy your life 
that's what I gonna do now :*

my favorite tea (!!!)

Freitag, Januar 14, 2011

Hello_Kitty (*____*)

I know there was someone,who often makes a lunch_box for me (*____*)
right Heo ? hihihihi xD

& are you able to make this too ?
wish there's someone who makes it for me with  Love ♥

I'm already happy ... if you only make me this one (*___*)

Thx my Heo (*^3^)

thank you for coming :*
&listening to me ♥

thx thx thx (!!!)

Liebe Männer...

Wenn dich ein Mädchen anschreibt: antworte

Wenn sie euch öfters anschreibt: sei nett zu ihr, denn ihr liegt etwas an dir
Wenn sie das nach einer Zeit nicht mehr tut: schreibt sie an, denn sie will, dass ihr zeigt, dass sie euch nicht nur nervt
Sie wartet ab, ob sie dir auch wichtig ist ♥

I hate this part ...

trouble here ...
trouble there ...
but NEVER thought that you're one of them,who also wants to hurt me ...
I really never thought that ...
Right now I'm so weak ...
I've nothing anymore ...
It disappoints me a lot ...
Don't know anything to say ...
You make me speechless ...
I only want to be next to you ♥

Look at me ...
There's no more LittleMiii...
I realize ...
that I fuck myself up :(
but there's nothing else that could help me ...
Even LilaLauneBär ...
You said you will always be there for me ...
Where !?
I can't see you next me ...

you want a break for 2 weeks ...?
I can't warrant anything ...

but I know Unni/Bibi/Bibu's are there for me ♥

Donnerstag, Januar 13, 2011



just very terrible -.-*

Easy going :D

I've really learned chemistry today @ Dummiiii
it's not as difficult as I thought :P
but the problem is
I'll write that shit from 7.30-10 o'clock !
that's not good >___<

Bye Bye D:

I don't know why...
but a voice inside me ...
tells me that...
that isn't right what I'm doing now :'s
Is it the right way to run away of this fact ? ...
Is it right to erase everything ? ...
Is it right to break a nice friendship up ? ...
hmmm... I don't know ...
it seems very ridiculous&childish x(

Hope you could understand it for me :/
There're still nice memories ♥

Mittwoch, Januar 12, 2011

Chemistry :'s

Today I should learn for Chemistry O:
but there was no time for it ;D
Instead of that
we had a lot of fun :)

She was one of my V.I.P.s !?

haha that was a good dream x*
Once upon a time ...
I had a Sis,who called PhiPhi ...
She's was cool :P
But then we recognize that she didn't fitted in our group ... :'s
So she had to go :O
and now we all realize that she's a bitch & has no savvy of anything (~___~)
To find that out... hurts ...
anyway ...
PhiPhi ...?
If there's no other way than "spamming" me with your absurd sms's
pls go on :*
they won't help you (*^3^)
they only waste your time&money my honey :*

Samstag, Januar 08, 2011


Backing Eierküchlein (*____*)
anyway we tried it x)
It doesn't looks very nice but it's very ... hmmmm...
*yummy yummy* :P

Freitag, Januar 07, 2011

Orthodonist_day (>___<)

at first my lovely Unni had have to go to the orthodonist ...
then it was my turn (>___<)
the problem was ... I didn't wore my brace every night (ó___Ò)
anyway it was good :P
She didn't talked a lot :)
but the time between the two date ...
we had so much time O:
I guess we went 3 or 4 times the Marktstraße up and down x)
At least we didn't have enough time for CentrO.

btw ~
Build_A_Bear is soooo funny xD
a bit embarrassing,sweet,confusing ...
whatever xD
To receive a teddy of this shop is better :)

Donnerstag, Januar 06, 2011

No handy_flat (TT___TT)

My handy is useless now (~___~)
No money
No flat
No Sms
No Call

Yesss I've manners (*___~)

Surprisingly I don't have to help my parents today (*___*)
Some lovely friends took the time for me (♥___♥)
We maked a manners_test ...
Damn ... I realize that I've no manners xD
Anyway the boys showed us girls :P

Now I'm ready for every meeting/eating with adults c:

Mittwoch, Januar 05, 2011


Going eating with the most nicest couple (*___*)
Michel&Laura :*
at first we wanted to eat at ZumApotheker
but after all our choice was TIJUANA (^___^)
the food was quite good,but not really easy to eat x)
(right Dummiii? x*)
and the waiter wasn't really cooool (ó____Ò)
anyway I have had enough x)
btw~ they had Arizona Ice Tea (*____*)
*yummy yummy yummy*
nice nice nice :)
Thump up for this day ;*

I love you guys :*

Montag, Januar 03, 2011

Mission:Welcome my Dummiii back home ♥

Thx Bibi for helping make a surprise for him ♥
I guess your mission today was : making other couples happy :)
A big thank you so much of every girl that you've helped today :*
saranghae <3

Sonntag, Januar 02, 2011

Organization_Talent (*___~)

today I discover my new talent :D
Surprisingly I could arrange things very good x)
hmmm...maybe I shouldn't study medicine (ò___Ó)
btw ... If I want to study my dream_job...I'll have to study 11 years long (!!!)
hmmm...should I really do it ? :'s

Samstag, Januar 01, 2011

Freakiii&Craziii_New_Years_Eve ♥

Hope you guys have a good slide on 2011 (*___~)

One thing I know for sure Bibi&BiBu's ...
they had a very good slide in 2011 with me (*____*)
It was a very nice finish for 2010 ♥
I was craziii&freakiiii but not drunken (!!!)
( alaway :P
@ the people who really knwos me ...that isn't really a news )
but the UNnormal thing was ...
we ALL were freakiii&craziii xDD
hmmm...there was something wrong ó___Ò
~we fucked everything up x)
~we transform our sweet_boys into cheap_girls/bitchiiis x)
I miss my Mascara&Lippstick TT___TT...
I know you boys love the color of my lippstick
but give it back (!!!) (~___~) ...)
~we danced with "less" clothes on the street x)
(for me&some people:
"less" = without jacket,shoes,socks,...
for some other people:
"less" = without jacket shoes,socks,t-shits,jeans/pants...)
~while we were dancing we sang as loud as we can ...
and suddenly it was a competition between us and our neighbors x)
(of course we were louder than they
(with ~20 people I guess there's no way to win against us x*))
ahhhh fireworks (!!!)
So beautiful (*____*)

hahaha my result:
You also could have fun without alk :)
like me :)
& it's much better to watch how the drunken people disgrace themselves x)

anyway I love you all :*
as boys or girls
as with or without clothes
as drunken or sober

Happy New Year (!!!)

2011 has started ♥
Let's rock this year
& make it better than 2010 :*