Dienstag, November 30, 2010

Pinkiii B_day (!!!)

What a surprise !!!
It's sooo ... undescribable (*____*)
The best of the best people celebrated with me ... :D

Ohhh damn ... the result of alk ... x)

KathaSis :*
CauViet :*
DiHuyen :*
KathaSis :*
KathaSis :*
Lulu :*
Dummiii :*
Michel,Besi,Lulu,Nadine,Dummiii :*
Linda ..
KathaSis :*

Montag, November 29, 2010

This is for Besi :*

I've promise you one entry,which only belongs to you (*____~)

here it is :*

what can I write now ô____Ô
I ♥ u
foreign_love and so on  :*

It's sooo difficult to write it hahaha x)

Sonntag, November 28, 2010

We're back ♥

(2 days before my b_day ...)

so listen ...
He were @ my house
We were @ the christmas market
I were @ his house

& now ?
We're together (*___*)
Can't believe it (!!!)

He's so cute&unpredictable

Samstag, November 27, 2010

Cookies (*___*)

Hihihi making cookies ;P
This time the cookies taste as well as they look like x)
The week before last week ... I made some muffins ... hmmm...disaster ... .____.
& I've learned a lot ... so this time don't worry ;D
I make them especially for my V.I.P.'s ...
They won't be able to eat them ... x)
but they could take a look at them ;)

We belong together ♥
Hello_Kitty ♥

I ♥ U all :*

H(annah),C(elvin),M(ike),T(om),C(hristian),K(atha),M(e) ♥

Freitag, November 26, 2010


yesterday I stole a scarf ...
today I steal a cappiii ... (I found it xP)
and tomorrow ?
I'll steal my Dummiiii
muhahahaha x)
watch out guys ;D
otherwise you'll be my victim

Could you recognize it ?


A talk which plays in my head :/
My head: "Do you think it's right to connect the contact between 2 people again ? one person you love so much & the other person you don't really know"
Angel: "yeesss ...(!!!)"
Devil: "but it could be a danger for your relationship ...(!!!)...you could lose the lovely person...(!!!)...you could lose the game therefore you could lose everything ...(!!!)..."
Angel: "you could make someone happy...though you don't really know that girl,but she's nice right ?...so why don't you do this...?...don't you like peace...?"
Devil: "boys are unpredictable...(!!!)...they could hurt you wherever they want ...don't you notice that last time ?!"
Angel: "keep in mind that he broke the contact because of YOU ...(!!!)"
Devil: "he only broke it up because he has a bad conscience...for that what he did ... (!!!)"
Angel: "whatever...if he lies to you,you'll see that he isn't worth to think about him...but if you really love him...I guess you have to trust him...(!!!)"

Donnerstag, November 25, 2010

quadruple V

I am quadruple v ;D

right Dummiii ? :*

Mittwoch, November 24, 2010

I'm in heaven (!!!)

Oh damn
everyone is soooo ...
hmmm how could I write it in words ...
everyone is sooo nice to me (!!!)
Feeling like I'm in heaven :*

His scarf [♥]

I ♥ "chillen" with him (*^3^)
6 days & he'll be mine (~___*)
His scarf *___*

It smells sooo good ;D

Sonntag, November 21, 2010


the feelings, I have,... they drive me crazy (!!!)
What did I do last night !? x)
Is that right !?
What about the day after my b_day ...!?
How should I decide !?...
Oh damn oh damn oh damn ...
I'm sooo tired :'(


to do:
going to ...
~school .___.
~CentrO D:
~B_day party of my cousin ;D

hihihi school was boring ...that's not a new x)
but centrO was horrible (!!!)
at first we were going to go shopping ;D
till there ...it was all nice x)
btw ...I've bought a lot xP
hmmm...we thought it's time to go home...
where is our car !?
damn it (!!!)
looking nearly 60min for the shit car ~____~
We were in the wrong carpark .____.

the party was good ...
sooo I guess it was a good day :D

Vero Moda ;D love this glasses *___*

Mittwoch, November 17, 2010

Thx my Heo (*^3^)

hihihi....thx for your support :*
Nice nice nice (^___~)

Wanted (!!!)

I am searching for this cookies (*____*)
"Bonne Maman...Sablés tout chocolat"
They are sooooooo yummy ;D
But the one who gave it to me told me that you only could buy them in France D:
Could someone buy them for me ? x)


Montag, November 15, 2010

Fuuuuck Youuuu (*___~)

You need ...
~1s to make the mistake
~1min to tell me the truth
~1h to explain it

I need ...
~a time to understand what happened
~a while to forgive you
~a lifetime to forget it

so think about it,whether you want to make a mistake again ;D

Sonntag, November 14, 2010


A boy only needs 1min to break your world down ...
It's just a call or only a very little mistake
but for me it hurts a lot ...
I don't know what to do now ...
It seems soooo beautiful ...& I thougt it would be the sweetes comeback ...

why do I cry for a boy again ?
Is he sooo important ?! ...
Just a friend ;D

But I miss him...&cry for that...&think about everything...
Oh damn ... I hate Love (!!!)

Thx my Dummiii (*^3^)

New blog because my dummiii was sooo nice & make the background pic for me (*___*)
and I guess everyone of you knows that I'm very stupid at such things x)
sooo he helps me making my blog (*___~)
Thank you Dummiii :* ♥


It should be "Karaokiii_Abend" but we've only sang 3 songs x)
it was wonderful with KathaSis & Michel
we laughed a lot (^___^)
my throat is still fine xD

P.s.:my 100th post (!!!)

Samstag, November 13, 2010

Hihihi :D

A week_end without my BiBu's&Bibi D:
Never mind x)
baking some muffin's ...
It looks like it tastes ....
like shit (.___.)
hahaha anyway it was funny to make them (^___^)
mission of today :
SING till I've sore throat (*___*)
"Karaokiii_abend" with the best's (*^3^)

They are ROSA (!!!)

The best one x)

Donnerstag, November 11, 2010

Ninja Assassin (Y)

What do you guys guess I've done !?
Finally I've watches the move "Ninja Assassin" (^___^)
I've wanted to watch this such a long time ago with the cutes Boy :P
And yesterday I've done this ♥
Ohhhh damn it was sooooo...

but the movie was boring (TT___TT)
It disappointed me a bit
apart from Biiiiiii Raiiiiin (*___*) hihihihi... xP
whatever my Dummiii was there so I couldn't concentrate on the movie anyway :*

Sonntag, November 07, 2010

Baby_sock for my dummiii :*

finish my project ;P
Knitting Baby_sock as a Christmas_present for my lovely Dummiii (♥)
But I've finished it yet *____*
It's soooo cooool
hihihi dummiii ?
Our kids won't freeze *____*
They'll have the best sock's ever ;P
I am soooooo happy :D
Can't believe it :P


hahaha x)
you're soooo ridiculous .____.
Why can't you proudly say that you've a nice girlfriend yet?
She's a nice girl & she does not deserve you ...
Why are you hurting every girl that is sooo pretty ?
Why ?
If you don't love her then tell her that ...
Don't play any games that's very boring ...:(
I am so disappointed of you ...
& Noooo~ I am not one of your best friends or whatever you'd called me
There is no longer you&I (Y)

I've to mind my own business ;D
& I guess Love isn't as bad as I thought ...
hihi maybe it's time for the comeback of Love *____*
there's no longer time for my decision ô___Ô
But I am for 99% sure that he's my dream_prince :*
Looking for the 1%
99% isn't it enough ?
The bad feelings about Love are away
should I try again ?
(Y) of course

chuuuuuu my B.Day&one day after my B.Day
they'll be my day's (!!!)
23 daiiiiis *____*

P.s.:thx @ duy :*
party was good ;D

Samstag, November 06, 2010

Browniiiie's :P

making browniiies with Bibi&Omiii
But it was a catastrophe x)
It looks soooooo yummy but I doesn't taste like brownies TT____TT
*sigh* (>3<)

It looks soooo yummy ... but it doesn't taste like that x)

Freitag, November 05, 2010


Love is sooooo ooouuuch :/
how could I explain it ....
Let's say
I miss him I miss him not I miss I miss him not ...
But at least I miss him xP
25 daiiii's
my sweet 16 !? I am coming :D
I hope my feelings won't change till this daiiii *____*
(*^3^) hihihihi...

Montag, November 01, 2010


Making homework ...
& the music is in the background...
suddenly the song "Be on you - Ne-Yo" comes...
I knew this song a long time before...but a person send it to me lately...
I miss him...I really miss him...:'(
Maybe Love is too strong to fight against it...
I guess I am over that stupid person
But I am not really over the other beautiful person D:
Should my opinion is against love or for ?
Oh damn...(!!!)
Love is so difficult TT___TT