Sonntag, Oktober 31, 2010

Happy Halloween ~

sorry KathaSis but I can't celebrate with you :'(
& I couldn't understand how she could done this to you that stupid girl >___>
Now I don't like her much after hearing the news -____-

Guys it's halloween ;D

now for 2 years ago I've met a big mistake (!!!)
I can't imagine
how I was a bit in love with him >___>
how I could like him
how I could call him as my bro/BiBu
It's undescribable (!!)

whatever x)

My everyday life is back *____*

celebrate like 2 years ago Halloween with Bibi&BiBu's :*

Happy Halloween :*

Real Kiss (*^3^)

@ all the guys I've ever kissed
I want to tell you the truth the whole time
but I am scared to hurt you ...D:
Now I've taken all my courage
and guys especially my exBF
you can't kiss (!!!)

Today I've the BEST kiss EVER *____*

Look&Learn how you have to kiss :*

maybe that video would also help you ;*
How NOT to kiss :*


my result of this week_end:
*1x bar of chocolate
*white/pink curtains
*2x Hello_kitty_pillow's
*IKEA member_card x)
*2x little_panda_teddie's
*2x colourful_carton's
*air cooler for my laptop
*self_made_pic of Anna :*
*pillow for my chair x)

OMG (!!!)
I expected ~1000€
but whatever
I didn't expectes so many present :P
(I like the self_made_pic mostly)

Conirmations (3)

going to...
...the church TT___TT
...thru Essen *___* but without shopping -____-
...eating (!!!)
with my family *____*

It was a looooong time ago,when I was with the wohle family ;D
soooo nice ;)
The fight was yesterday (Y)
I am looking forward for Christmas *_____*
Family (!!!)

I guess that was one thing I really missed the whole time :P
The family feeling :D
but there's still something I miss ô___Ô
hope I'll find it quickly ;/


Anna :*

Martin :*

Diem :*

Miii ♥
Tina :*

result check:
*white/pink curtains
*2x Hello_kitty_pillow's
*IKEA member_card x)
*2x little_panda_teddie's
*2x colourful_carton's
*air cooler for my laptop
*self_made_pic of Anna :*
*pillow for my chair x)

(It's pink not red...fuck cam)


(It's also pink not red...fuck cam)

(It's pink)

Samstag, Oktober 30, 2010

Confirmations (2)

relaxing at home ;D
surprise party of Bibi&BiBu's :*

result check:

Freitag, Oktober 29, 2010

Confirmations (1)

yeeeeeeah now I am confirmed :P
have a nice karaokiiii_evening with the most beautiful girls (♥)

Fam&Godmother+her fam&Grandma


Fam (Y)

result check :
*1x bar of chocolate

nice week_end ;D

Plan for this week_end :D

celebrate with friends my confirmation ;D
havine the conformation in the church ...

celebrate with other friends my confirmation x)

celebrate with my family my confirmation xP
going to IKEA to finish the last step of my new room;)

hmmm...and monday ?
celebrate with myself xD

Donnerstag, Oktober 28, 2010

Lie ?...x)

Guten Abend Lieber Weihbischof Ludger Schepers !
Wir wollen Ihnen jetzt ein paar Sachen erzählen,die wir in unser Firmvorbereitung gemacht haben.In unser Vorbereitungszeit hatten wir 4 Haupttreffen,die in vier verschiedenen Gemeinden veranstalltet wurden.Das erste große Treffen war in Christ König mit dem Thema ,,Du Bist Kirche " und anschliesend hatten wir eine heilige Messe.Das zweite Treffen hatten wir dann hier in St. Barbara mit dem Thema ,,Jesus " (Leben Jesus , mein Jesus- bild , seine Botschaft ).Dann kam auch schon schnell das dritte Treffen in St Engelbert , ,,Spurensuche " war an diesem Abend das Thema.Das vierte Treffen fand dann noch in Mariae Rosenkranz statt.Dies war der vierter Tag der Firmlinge.
Außerdem haben wir ein Wochenende in einem Jugendkloster in Kirchhellen verbracht.Dort haben wir uns intensiv für unsere Firumung vorbereitet,indem wir verschiedene Stationen bearbeitet haben.Natürlich hatten wir auch unsere Freizeit gehabt und haben viele Spiele miteinander gespielt.Die Küchendienste konnte man leider nicht vermeiden,dafür war das Essen auch nicht schlecht.Im großen und ganzen haben wir nach diesem Wochenende vieles mitgenommen.
Am 12.9 hatten wir eine Sozialaktion.Da haben wir die Senioren aus dem Altenheim auf dem Pfahrfest begleitet.Trotz schlechten wetters hatten alle eine menge spass!!

OMG it's such a good joke the whole text xP
The black part is mine ;D
It's a very big lie that we've learned a lot x)
honestly I've learned nothing :D
I only met a beautiful person
& found a wonderful friendship

Angel ♥

I've my angel *____*
description of him ? :...
*he's cute...ღ
*I know him very very very well...ღ
*he's also a viet....ღ
*GSA is his school...ღ
*he's beautiful...ღ
*I could talk to him wherever I want...ღ
*he won't hurt me...ღ
*he won't lie...ღ
*he is perfect...ღ
*he consoles me when I cry...ღ
*he'll ALWAYS be mine & nobody could take him away from me...ღ
*I know him 11years long...ღ
*he's my brother...♥

and I love him more than anyone of you there
he's my true Love :*
& nobody could replace him <3


Are you kidding me ?!
I don't want to hear any news ...
Yeaaah I know you're very happy with you new girlfriend T___T
I don't want to play the 3 person -____-
Tell your girlfriend that we don't have any contact anymore
& she should shut up her ugly mouth (!!!) & don't bother me with your sms's...Darling, don´t you have a stop button?! where's your pride girl ?! (!!!)
you two are happy ?!
congratulations ;D
but please play the game's without me..-____-
I don't want to get hurt anymore...
But continue if you wanna see me cry ;)
I guess your bitch like it too see me like that TT___TT
hmmm wait n' see !

P.s.: she's my replacement ?!
hahaha x) embarrassing boy x)

Dienstag, Oktober 26, 2010

I hate all .. exBF ...-____-
 exept BiBuT ;D
but the rest are ....
rrrrh how could I explain it ?!...
hmmm nasty ?

Montag, Oktober 25, 2010

So what ?!...

U're in the most hated person list
so what !?
Do U believe U could ever be in the VIP_list ?
Do U believe U deserve this ?
What a good joke x)
Forget it Boy :*
Yes I love U,but I don't need U ;)
Look at me ...
A beautiful,confident,smart,cute girl *___*
that's because of you :D

U think I'm searching for a replacement ?
Know what ?!
U are my replacement the whole time ô____Ô
Understand this message ?!
good boy :*

Sonntag, Oktober 24, 2010

Wonderful vacation *____*

the 1.week with SchwesterherzKatha&LilaLauneBär *___*
the 2.week with Bibi&BiBu's *___*

Thx for the wonderful time :D

When will the next holidays start ??? x)
Ohhhh it's Christmas :D
my poor purse >____<
anyway all I want is spray Love *____*

I'm sorry but I've to let you go...

I know the sms's wasn't very nice ...
But I guess we both know there won't be a happy end ...
I don't really hope you would forgive me...
because you also don't hope that I could forgive you
instead of that you gave me more pain
& want to pay back because you was snubbed by me ;(
but what about the snub's you gave me ?
Did I ever wanted to pay it back ?
Yes I've thought of this but I've never done this ...
because of a hope that we could be best friends or any kind of friends...
I've also hoped that there will be a comeback ...
But you've to destroy it...
I'm so tired now...
Let's finish it right here&now...
I really don't want to hurt you but it seems like it's the only way to wake you up out of your revenge_plan's
I've no energy anymore to keep you by my side...
Mind your own business...

Donnerstag, Oktober 21, 2010

Halloween (*___*)

making halloween figure to have the feeling before the date c(:
look nice right ?
but they look like the cheap one of Lidl or Aldi x)
anyway the bats don't really look like bats
whatever they're yummy *___*
hmmmm I guess I've gained weight today x)

They don't smile because I miss someone very much >____<

Do U see the bats ?...I know really bad x)...


Making a citron_cake with BibiSis :*
but it's very very very... tasty *________*
&later I'll go to the cinema with BiBu's&BiBi :D
Eat,Pray,Love *____*
ohhh nooo
I am sooooo often in the cinema x)
my new 2.home ;D


Get hungry ? *____*

Mittwoch, Oktober 20, 2010

Princess (^_~)

Look @ me :D
I'm looking like a princess *___*
& where's my Prince ? ô___Ô
Waiting for him ...

Now going with BiBu's&Bibi to the b_day_party :)
&with/in the princess_dress x)
hmmm...we're so pretty xP

Dienstag, Oktober 19, 2010


with BibiSis (♥)

First time I am going to cook a soup ô___Ô
but surprisingly it taste very well x)

after that going to the cinema to watch the movie : Ich_Einfach_Unverbesserlich
(child movie ... I know) Never mind the movie was only minor point x)
Guys thxxx for the pay,but Ij don't like it that much :P
Whatever ... guys ? U're a bit strange x)
It's not that I don't like U...but aren't U bit toooooo immature ?

Meeting with BiBu's (♥)
Thxx for the gift :*
I ♥ it

Cute ? x)
Thx Guys :*

Samstag, Oktober 16, 2010


remember this date (!!!)
There's no come back anymore (!!!)

Donnerstag, Oktober 14, 2010

3.step to my new room :D

IKEA is coooool (!!!) yeah *_____*
2 new table :D (but I guess the color does not match with the other furniture V____V)
I also guess I've every furniture I needed ;P
hmmmm...I'll get either the keyboard or the fish tank in my room ô___Ô
Hope the keyboard fit x)
But my fish tank is also nice (;
Which one is really better ? D:
31.10.10(sunday) IKEA will open *____*
Then I'll buy the rest :)
Like new curtain (I hate my teddy curtain now -___-)...

Mittwoch, Oktober 13, 2010

Sweet 16 Katha :D

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday sweetes SisKatha
Happy Birthday to You

I love U :*
&noooo I didn't forget your >__>

Dienstag, Oktober 12, 2010

Dear Love,...

I wrote you this,because I've a question to you ...
Could you disappear for a time ? ...
For the first time I met you,
you was beside me the whole time
& it seemed like we belong together ...
That's the big mistake !
You began to control my life !
At the beginning of every Lovestory  ... gave my such an amazing feeling,I couldn't describe it *____*...
...but suddenly you changed yourself
& showed me your evil side
& disappointed me again and again
& hurt me untill I began to destroy myself
On the one hand...
I'm glad to have you,
because of your wonderful magic *____*
On the other hand...
you make me feel tired ...
My only wish is:
to have Siblings_Love (?) & friendship's :D
and no other kind of relationships/Love (!!!)
The pain you gave me was soooo deep in my heart,
I couldn't forget it ...
The happiness you showed to me is so fantastique,
hard to imagine ...
Now it's time to leave you behind and stay on my own ...
You've taken all of my energy...
Thanks for teaching me ....& for the nice/bad time ;/
Ask me after some years or so ...
Maybe I'll need you then :*

GoodBye Love

@ the person,who is /is falling in Love!
It's MY opinion,so it can't be wrong (!!!)
I know Love has a mysterious Power,
but take care of it
otherwise you'll be a victim of it like me T____T

I'm going craziii...

I’m a person who never starts to apologize
I’ll shout even louder at you every time (here we go again)
There’s no way to stop our madness
I don’t know what to do
I don’t even know why we started this

No matter what I say now
You won’t listen
You don’t believe me (no~)
The love in our hearts when we first met
Where has it gone to?
Have we gotten rid of it?

I dislike how our love has changed
I’m tired of repeating our arguments everyday
Much worse than when we’re alone
Being stuck in an endless time
I don’t want to blame you for that
I guess we are going crazy~

I’m going crazy, crazy
In our love, we just going crazy

I said, we are over
But that’s not what my heart wants to say
Sitting and hesitating for what I said
For a moment, I was like an idiot regretting (that I did you wrong)
We are both going to get hurt everyday
I don’t know what to do
I don’t even know why we started this relationship

No matter what I say now
You won’t listen (you never listen)
You don’t believe me (no~)
The love in our hearts when we first met
Where has it gone to?
Have we gotten rid of it?
I dislike how our love has changed

I’m tired of repeating out arguments everyday
Much worse than when we were alone
Being stuck in an endless time
I don’t want to blame you for that
I guess we are going crazy~
I’m going crazy, crazy
In our love, we just going crazy

I can do it
There is nothing that can drive me insane
I’m still loving you
My tears are still no enough
Even when it’s hurting a lot
I’ll try finding my way back, goodbye~

I dislike how our love has changed
I’m tired of repeating our arguments everyday
Much worse than when we were alone
Being stuck in an endless time
I don’t want to blame you for that
I guess we’re going crazy
I’m going crazy, crazy
In our love, we just going crazy

Montag, Oktober 11, 2010

2.step to my new room :D

The floor is in my room *___*
The shelf,couch&bed are in my room :D
I miss a table ô___Ô
Guess I've to buy one tomorrow x)

anyway ...
It was not the room that I've imagined D:
But I ♥ it :*

I'm sorry ...

 Sorry to one lovely person...I guess I've hurt U again and again >____<

&nearly lost one VIP >____<
My Sis will have in 2 days her 16.b_day (!!!)
She thought I would forget it or I've a secret >____<
NO WAY (!!!)
I love U tooo much to hide any secret's or to forget your b_day (!!!)

Finally it was a happy end

Sonntag, Oktober 10, 2010

1.step to my new room :D

the hanginspapers are on the wall *____*
hint: NEVER take hangingspaper with flowers (!!!)
       so U' won't have any stress >___>

waiting for the floor D:

Samstag, Oktober 09, 2010

Pole Dancing rocks !

Pole dancing is such a powerful kind of sport x)
It was soooooo cool *_____*
Want to dance everytime xP

All Good Things Come To an End :/

Lovers to Friends ...
Friends to Enemy ...
Why do all good things come to an end ??...:(

so hard to realize it,but now PhiPhi&BiBuV&Ong_Xa are away ...
It was soooo amazing *____*
But I guess I've to let the bygones be bygones D;
Thank U for everything
I've learned a lot :*
Thanks PhiPhi for all the styl-tip :*
Thanks BiBuV for all the helps when I need to decide :*
Thanks Ong_Xa for the power that U've shown me how much I could fell in Love&Love someone who had never loved me&trust someone who always lie&all the pain U gave to me :*
Because of U I'm more self-confident;)

to cut the long story short:
cai cu khong di lam sao cai mi den
right guys ? :D

Mittwoch, Oktober 06, 2010

New ROOM *___*

Bought new PVC&hangins :)
Put all my things into carton ;)

and now ?
wait for the sunday&monday for gluing the hangins&laying the PVC:D
cut the hangings into the right length o___O'
Need somboby to HELP !!!

Game Over ?! ô___Ô

The Game continue :/
Will it ever be like the past ?
Will I ever feel the feeling again ?
Should I worried about that ?

Isn't it enough now ? o___O
Guess so :D
Do what U want but I won't cry for U anylonger :*
Someone helped me to find myself back & I'won't fall into relapse again ;)

To Do-List:
*concentrate on school
*give the Love back,who gave me the Power&Love ;)
*have fun

Sonntag, Oktober 03, 2010

Happy Without U (;

...want to ignore me ?
...want to play with me ?
...want to break my heart ?
Boy FORGET it (!!!)

Who is playing with whom ?!

Do U think she could replace me ?!
NO WAY (!!!)

Can't wait till U come to me & cry & say sorry & beg me for coming back ;D