Dienstag, September 28, 2010

생일 축하합니다 한나

생일 축하합니다
생일 축하합니다
사랑하는 철수씨의

Hope that's right x)

My cutiii Sis Hannah ?!
Happy B.Day :*

17 (!!!)
사랑해 ♥

Montag, September 27, 2010

I'm forbidden to ...but ... (;

surprisingly good-humored D:
Maybe because I realize the RULE OF the GAME(;
Catch the news ?! ...

Freitag, September 24, 2010

Hurt ...

A person is hurting me again and again and again >_____<
But Why could he hurt me all the time ?
Aren't U tired ?
Will U ever stop that ?! -____-
I'm forbidden ...

Donnerstag, September 16, 2010

Weekend I am coming :D

Friday :
B_day of one lovely friend :D
Rock the house
Sleeping at my sweetes Sis

Saturday :
Rock the house at my Bibu's :D

Sunday :
Going eating with parents >___>

Tell me isn't my plan nice ???

Samstag, September 11, 2010

Ending of an unperfect Love

Nearly 2 months but I've seen him only 2 weeks :(
Guess it was not right to beginn this love ô___O
So many difference D:

Hope he'll find his true love
and I'll wait and have a break of all this love-stories ;)

Freitag, September 03, 2010

So sick of Love

I don't know the reason
But I'm sooo tired of everything
I want to be lonely at a place where nobody knows me
I guess I've to think about my situation now
Can I go on this way ???
Have I change the way ???
Can I go back ???