Mittwoch, August 25, 2010

Back home D:

I want to fly back to VN
miss everyone of U ...
It's soooo
cold ...
quite ...
AND tooooooo clean x)

Dienstag, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Tom :*

My stupiiiid Bro is 17 ?!
Happy Brithday to you :*
Happy Brithday to you ...
Happy Brithday stupiiid Tom ;P
Happy Brithday to you

I love U ♥

Montag, August 23, 2010

Memories ♥

Pic's with my BEST-CauViet ♥
& some other moments in VN ♥

Watching "Salt",but Celvin found it boring Q___Q
Cau Viet ♥
Tina (*___*) = cutiii~ 

Rainiiii daiii but buying some cake with CauViet♥ 

Sonntag, August 22, 2010

Lucky Day :D

Me and my family were in a theater (?)
Surprisingly we won the first prize x)
The theater was sooooo funny x)

The teddy isn't very cute~

Strawberry *____*


for 2 days in Mui Ne :D
The beach is sooooooo wonderful *_____*
But at night ....  U only could sleep -____-
That's soooo bad ....

the view of our room *___*
break station (;
I don't like the cap much >____<

Dienstag, August 17, 2010


There is no room for hope ...
I've to forget the past ...
And think about the future ...
It's time to leave the past behind to have some happy time ...

Could I do this ???
Is that easy ???

Help me pls !!!

Freitag, August 13, 2010


such a beautiful island :D
the beaches are sooooo fantastique !!!


I am sooooo brown *_____*

Miss someone :(
Does he miss me toooooo ???
hope so :(

Diving *___*

Flying *___*

Sonntag, August 08, 2010


Now it's my 2 day in VN
but I've tried sooo many things :D
fantastique *_____*
like dogs,durian,chicken legs...
so many Moppet's ...
so warm but in the evening it's a little bit rainiiiii :/
I don't want to make a noon sleep
but I guess i've to x)
I am sooo tired >___________<

Don't want to go home anymore :D

Samstag, August 07, 2010

Hello VN ...:D

What a stressful flight ...

I can't sit anymore D:

So warm here ...
but I LIKE x)

during the flight: *____* 

Donnerstag, August 05, 2010

Bye Bye Germany...

...and welcome to VN :D

Now it's the time to fly and say hello to my cutiii friends in VN *_____*
ahhh and I'll see my the most important person in my life ...:P
I love him soooooo much ♥

I miss my V.I.P.'s
hoping they'll have fun without me >____<
I love U :*

Dienstag, August 03, 2010

Ruhr,Ruhr,Ruhr ♥

All I can see is Ruhr x)
2 days before I've to leave Germany *____*
saying Bye to some friends
but there were so many people who I don't know :/
I don't care !
My friends were there !
That's the most important ♥

Montag, August 02, 2010

Sis-Day ♥

What a beautiful day with my lovely Sis :***
Talking about everything :D

So Nice *____*

I love U so Much :**

Sonntag, August 01, 2010


Yesterday I watched Twillight with my Big Sis (♥) in CineStar (Oberhausen CentrO)
It was coool *____*
And today I was again in a nice film but this time I was in Lichtburg (Oberhausen)
I watched ToyStory3 in 3D with my lovely brother *____*

2days running I ate tooooo much Popcorn & Nachos c(:

I can't see Popcorn&Nachos anymore xD