Freitag, Juli 30, 2010

A pic for 2 of my V.I.P.'s

I love U
Do U see the bracelat's ?

The ♥ is for U :**

Tomato :D

At springtime I've planted a tomato plant :D
a now U could see the 1. pic's
It'll get red und grow bigger :P

Last day of my Intership :D

I don't know whether I've to laugh or cry
My intership is now finished :/
Thxxx for the wonderful experience :D
What a nice week :)
Get a lot of experiense,knowledge and some cosmetics products :P
They're sooo gentle to me :D

What to do I now till flying to VN ???

Some boring day's???

We'll see *___*

Miss my V.I.P.'s ♥

Mittwoch, Juli 28, 2010

Little Dimples (?)

While I am searching for some songs for VN
I come a cross Litlle Dimples
(Click here to hear the song "Little Dimples)
What a wonderful song
but it convey a certain meaning for me :(
I've to think about this song and the person who showed me this song a long time ago :(
he's was very importane for me :/
but now he's so far away ...

Dienstag, Juli 27, 2010

Car ;) of my intership *___*
today i've to run around with medical secretary to some old women ;)
they're soooo cute xD
I am in love with them :D
my new lovers ♥
but it was so frightful
the lift's to the home's of the grandma's are so dark and they make some creepy sounds >____<
it makes me scared T____T

after I am back of work
I make a car with papers
my brother "helps" me ...he doesn't do much ...
normaly it's very easy because U only have to cut the model out und glue the pats together
The cutting was still easy
but the gluing was very very difficult ...
at the end I've finished it
look my result :P

cooool right ? ;)
nice ?? :D

Montag, Juli 26, 2010 at the doctor's office :D
till now it's great
the people are friendly :)
but at first the woman,with whom I work at first,was a little bit strict :(
after a time she's friendly toooo :D
I love this work ;)
5 hours work 4 hours break *___*
Now I've break :D
time to write in my blog ;)

right now 2 of my V.I.P.'s will leave Germany :(
they'll fly to Seol :P
nice right ??

I miss My V.I.P.'s >___<
I love My V.I.P.'s <3333
I need My V.I.P.'s ^___^

But one V.I.P. is still here with me *___*
I love her :*

Sonntag, Juli 25, 2010

He too ?!

This morning I want to say Hello to my cousin in VN by yahoooooo :)
I come across some e-mail's which didn't surprise me a lot
but this confirmed my suspicion
He's unfaithful (!)
That makes me sadly ...

Even if I don't love/like him so much
he couldn't do this to ...

It hurt so much

I only wrote "he" because I don't want to tell u who is unfaithful to whom :(
It's toooooo personal :/
Hope U guys could understand it for me ;)

But 1 point for sure
He isn't my boyfriend :P
Till now my BF is faithful to me  ♥

Samstag, Juli 24, 2010

Korea ♥

As we saw the number of people
we all had 1 thought !
Bye Duisburg :P
We meet our lovely ChiV. with her boyfriend
She asked ask whether we want to go with them to D-dorf (?)
A new shop *___*
The shop has only korea stuff :P
It was funny :)


Goood Morning :)
hope U'll read my post even if U'r on holiday's :P
the last night was very hard for me ...
bringen the boys to the airport and say Bye ...
after that going home and make pajamas-party with lots of lovely girls :P
I can't sleep much ...
whatever :D
today is the LoveParade in Duisburg ;D
I want to go with my girls and celebrate that they'll fly to Seol in SouthKorea ♥
Who'll celebrate with me that i'll fly to Saigon in VN ???
Hope this day will be wonderful :)

I miss my V.I.P.'s ♥

Freitag, Juli 23, 2010

3.Bye Bye

My BiBu's will fly to NY :D
but without their lillte Sis's ... >___<
We want to fly with U (!)
Is there anybody else who want to fly with me ?
in 12 day I'll leave Germany for 3 weeks :P
and I'll say "Hello VietNam"
hope U guys will miss me :)
I'll miss my V.I.P.'s ♥

last day in this holiday,which we spend time together :(
the boys will leave us tomorrow at 3 AM
and the girls willl leave me on monday
I've to stay here all allone
BUT I've my Big Sis :*
hope she will find time for me c(:

I've forgotten to tell U about my intership next week :D
I'll go working for the whole next week
As I saw the work-time
I thought what a fantastique work *___* but I'll start at 8AM because of my parents :)
but on wednesday I'll get earlier off of work :)
I've to work 9 hours but 4 of them are break's xD
cool right ?? :D

Today We'll make party till we can't no more :D
Maybe I'll post some news tomorrow in my blog :)

Love U guys

Montag, Juli 19, 2010


Saying ByeBye again ...
everybody want to leave me ...
Why ?...
Am I soooo ugly ?...
He will fly to VN tomorrow >____<

Will I miss him ???

I don't hope so ...

I guess I will miss everyone ...

I want to fly away toooooo
away from this horrible place

Could someone bring me away ?

Please inform me :D
I'll go with him immediatly

Samstag, Juli 17, 2010

first day without U

Going out with friends

but i have to think about U :***

missing U ♥

Freitag, Juli 16, 2010

Bye Bye...

Saying bye bye to my boyfriend >____<
he'll drive to Spain
I'll have to wait 6 week T____T
I miss him >___________<

Donnerstag, Juli 15, 2010

Strawberry cake *_________*

going to ...
...the hairdresser with my bro :)
...a "new" friend
Start of the MiMi-Day
picking strawberry :P with a lovely friend
sooo exhausting >_____>
make a cake with the sweet strawberries *____*
*yummy yummy*

but the day has no happy ending

Dienstag, Juli 13, 2010

Beginning of a new Love ♥

Our song mein Shadz :* ( I've only found the acoustic ver. -__- )
After 23 days I wasn't single anymore.
He's soooooooooooo cute&lovely  ♥_____♥

I love U my sweet chocolate :***

Sonntag, Juli 11, 2010

I guess I am in Love :)
I hope tomorrow it will be our day My Boo :P

12.07.2010 = ♥ ???

Freitag, Juli 09, 2010


Such a nice week :)
Being everywhere
mostly at the Ruhr :P
i questions which go with me the whole week ...>____<
am i in love ??? ♥_____♥

I love this week ♥

Samstag, Juli 03, 2010

a stressful day

It began soooo boring
but then i recognize that i didn't have so many time anymore >___<
Going to watch the football match with my lovely friends in Essen
Germany against Argentina
4:0 for Germany !!!
Soooo COOOOL !!! *___*
celebrate with them
but i've to go to my grandmaaa ....
sooo boring -.-
after all going back to Essen
and continue to celebrate !!! : P

love this day ♥___♥