Montag, Juni 28, 2010


Such a beautiful day *_____*
It's so sunny outside !!!!
Being at Olga park with my Sis and some friends of a friend of me
they were soooo boring ....
want to go home !!!
at the end talking with a nice friend about lots of things ...
this talk make me think the whole night

Sinh Nhat Vui Ve Mike ♥

My Biggest Bro is 17 now :D
Chuc anh mot tuoi moi vui ve
&nhieu qua tang
&nhieu ban gai moi x3

Em yeu anh :*

Sonntag, Juni 27, 2010

KöPi again : D

Germany against England !!!
Who was the winner ?!
so amazing
the atmosphere was soooooo great :DDD
being there with some lovely friends ♥

Freitag, Juni 25, 2010


for 5 years ago I am active in the circus to make something
5 years later I am the visitor at the same circus :P
and my Bro have to be active
Being there with my lovely Sis & friend :)
My Bro was the first and he was so cute >_<
I love him ♥


This is the result
after sooo many problems
or what ?!

Mittwoch, Juni 23, 2010

Art with 2 new guys

Making art with my Sis
sooo many problems >___<
hoping the guys could help us
but I've forgotten they are BOYS ....
sooo boring ...-.-"

Dienstag, Juni 22, 2010

Going for a walk with 2 lovely dogs

Changing phone number
writting with each other
pick me up from school 
meet him with his dogs
going a round with them

~Cute ~

Sonntag, Juni 20, 2010

Tears :(

Lying in bed
Thinking about the last day's
I don't know why
but I don't feel well now :/
I am not ill etc.
But there is a feeling which does not feel well :S
I've learned a lot this week-end
Now I am more sure who I want to love or who I only want to like :(
 Somehw the tears come up
and i want to cry a lot :%
I am so powerless and want to fly away
fly to a place which is very far of here ....

Missing some guys :(

Samstag, Juni 19, 2010

Next day ; )

I have to make with my friends the breakfast at 8 o' clock !!! Saturday !!!
I am so tired of yesterday >_<
But the rest was funny :P
The meditation made me thinking about lots of things :/
maybe about my ex ...
Some tears came up :%
But I have to go my way !!! : )
We played lots of game and they were all sooo amusing :D
Want to make it again !
At the night the boys came to my/our rooms
and we made some funny things and talked about e-thing : )
We painted on s.o. face xD

Today is was really funny : D
I won't forget this time :)

Tomorrow = Oberhausen I am coming
                    -> my bed I am coming

Freitag, Juni 18, 2010


Germany vs. Serbia !!!
I went in the KönigPilsnerArena at CentrO.
and I was so sure that Germay would win
But at the halftime I was so disappointed >_<
for ?!
Serbia >_>
WTF ?! -.-
 I only want to go home -.-"
making the preperation for the monastery
I thougt it would be
-we have to pray all the time
-being at 21 o' clock in bed
-old rooms
but the surprise was:
-nice people
-acceptable rooms
-fantastique atmospher

In the evening we made a BBQ
but it was sooooooooo cold and the stones were soooo hard and sharp 
so I couldn't eat much ...
But the night was sooooooooo FUNNY
we played a game (Psychater)
and the victime of this game was looking soo funny xDD
I couldn't forget the expression of his face xDDD

But I have to think about my big sis the whole time >_<
She camped with my class and was so lonely >_<

It was for today very wonderful out of the the footbal match >_>

Montag, Juni 07, 2010

Chilled Day ;)

Sleeping the whole day :)
resting on the new hammock with nice friends
and thinking about everything T_T

Samstag, Juni 05, 2010

BBQ :/

Soooo funny >_<
want to make it again
but there was one person who upset me the whole time ...-_-
and one accident which i won't forget
he's so stupid
how could he did this to me ???
I thougt i was your sis >_>
But the party was sooo fantastique *__*
I ♥ U guy's :**

Freitag, Juni 04, 2010

Kirmes x3

At first I thougt it would be sooooo boring
but after a time the atmosphere was soooo coooool *__*
one guy was eating the whole time xDDD
so cute hahaha
the others were crazy :D
my feeds hurtes sooooo much >_<
some time i only want to go home >_>
but they were sooo funny
so I could forget my blows quickly xDDD

A present of my lovely und cutest Sis :**
I love u tooo :***

 Small ♥ from a nice boy ;)
Mein Teddy :*

Mittwoch, Juni 02, 2010

CentrO : D

Such an amazing day : D

Shopping with my bigger sis :**
-nail varnish
->which is broken  >_>
-some creme's ; )
-nerd-glasses o_O
-YugiOh-cards for my bro xD
-lego figure's
->with the money of my bro muhahaha

we found lots of interesting day : )
It was sooooo nice to go shopping with my lovely sis ; )

Peace : P