Samstag, Mai 29, 2010

J-Day : D

Such a nice day being his girlfriend xD
so surprising :)
One of the most beautiful day of my life *__*
He's so cool as a boyfriend
but it was only for 4hours ... >__<
At D-Dorf we having with his freinds lot of fun
and eating a lot of sushiiiiiiii *___*
But the ending is so ... :/

Dienstag, Mai 25, 2010


A beautifull day with my Bro's&Sis's x3
It started with a nice breakfast in Horstkamp :)
Then swimming in AquaPark :P
hurting in the slide >_<
little fun in the whirlpool ;)
insider xDD
after that
we were at CentrO.Park on all the attraactions :D
At the end eating KFC *yummy_yummy*

what a beautiful day ♥


the view on a ferris wheel
little break in CentO.Park ;)

Sonntag, Mai 23, 2010


What a beautiful day :)
breakfast with my parents *yummy yummy yummy*
met my BFF's ;)
and my dream boy *__* ->sushiiiiii xD
we had lots of fun xD
and at last
some of the SH =P
watching them dancing for the SYT :D

the best thing was sushiiii
the atmosphere was so nice
he's so lovely cute *___*

Donnerstag, Mai 20, 2010

Eating Mi Gioi

Making Art with some friends :)
---> a little bit funny <--- They'r hungry and they eat mi gioi xDD so funny but I feel so sick ang tired >_____<
wishing u were here *__*

Mittwoch, Mai 19, 2010

Hungry,but happy :D

i talking with him now :)))
he's sooo cute
but I am soo hungry because of my stupid ex ... 17 months -.-
He didnt pay attention to me >_>


Sparkle :D

do I meet a new man ??
his name is Tung c(=
He lives in Bergkamen =P
and he's 16 old
His look is so cool
and when he talk he's sooo cute >_<
does he find me nice toooo ??? *__*
OMG !!
hope u are not reading this xDD
i know what u are thinking right now xD

Samstag, Mai 15, 2010

Yesterday :)

I've forgotten to tell how nice yesterday was :)
My sis,a friend and my ex-boyfriend were at my home :D
(that's also the reason for the trouble xD )
we had a chilled day =P
I tried to makes some rings with the Shisha
but it didn't work -.-"
and after a time I was soooo red like a tomato xDDD
everyone loughed about me T_T
but i had to laugh to xDD
It was sooo funny
out of the ending >_>
today it was boring but sort of sweet =)
I could see one person by my cam nearly the whole day :D
ang he was only sweet to me
soooo cute :***
I like him more than everybody ♥

Happy Family !?

There was a happy family,but I ,stupid girl, have to break up this nice atmosphere.
Why did I tell this lies ?!
Why could'n I tell that my friends were here ?!
Maybe because I am so scared of breaking up this family ?!
But nobody could understand me !!!
I feel so lonely !!!
Now I want my ex-boyfriend back to have someone,who truely cares about me !!!
I've lost everything !!!
That's the result of my stupid ideas >_<
I hope I could fight !!!

Freitag, Mai 14, 2010

Happy Family

Today I swimming with my Dad & Bro
and I recognize they all love me soo much than my ex xDD
I felt very well at the AquaPark
after all we were eating at MC's soooo delicious =P
and I met a girlfriend of my ex-boyfriend...
normaly I would like to go home immediately
but I didn't feel so
I was eating normaly with my dad & bro
and it was also sooo funny with them
Now I think I'm over him :DD

Sonntag, Mai 09, 2010

New Chapter

Huhu guys
today I want to open my own homepage
because now I want to start a new chapter of my life ;)
hope U will enjoy reading pages of a new chapter of my life =P