Freitag, Dezember 31, 2010

Review ♥

Soooo let's sum up all the chapters of this year :) ...
~Beginnng of all the pain
~the pain was going on...
~the pain was still there...
~all I can see was pain ...
~I ruled off the relation
~I got know my LilaLauneBär
~Our Love was started
~Rock 'n' Roll in VN
~I broke off up my Love
~Single 4 life
~We tried it again
~Sweet 16 aka. Pinkiii_B_Daiii

 wooooaaah ...
what a year x)
anyway ... the beginning was hard...but never mind ♥
I've found my true Love :D
That's what I call HAPPY END (!!!)

Btw ...
thx to Unni,Bibi,Mike&Tom :*
you were always by my side ♥
you always toke care of me ♥
you always listened to me ♥
you never left me alone ♥
you always helped me ♥
THANK YOU (!!!) ♥

Soooo my lovely Friends :)
This is my last entry for this year :'s
Hope you also had such an interesting year like me :P
(maybe with less pain O: )
whatever ...
I wish you the best wishes for the next year :*
have...good marks♥good friends♥good relations♥good
health♥...everything should be good ;*
2011 should be better than 2010 ♥
slide good in the new year (!!!)

Nice,nice,nice (Y)

I was making cookies for my far_away_Dummiii today ♥

& now ...
time to make ready for the New Year's Eve Party @ BiBuM ♥
I know it will be the perfect end of this year :)

I love you guys :* 

Donnerstag, Dezember 30, 2010

Mi Gioi (*____*)

Yeees :D
I have it ;)
Finally I bought it again :)
btw I bought I lovely GreenTea toooooo (*___*)
both are sooo yummy yummy yummy ;P

Mittwoch, Dezember 29, 2010

2. message of him ♥

hahaha today it must be my lucky_day (*___*)
It's the second message of my Dummiii (*^3^)
I thought you've to ski (ó___Ò)
anyway (^___^)
I love you so much :*

Printers are dumb (-___-)

I want to print for a present but it's not possible (~___~)
I hate printers of HP (!!!)

A message of him ♥

Yeeeeaaaiiii (*____*)
I got the first message from him ♥
uhmmm ...
only 4 days ♥
I've survived more than half of the days without him (Y)

Dienstag, Dezember 28, 2010

28.12.10 ♥

Today a month ago ...
My Cinderella_Story commenced (*____*)
It was so nice ...
with him by my side @ the Christmas market <3

Celebrating our 1month_day without him D':

But never mind :'D
03.01.11 will be HEARTiiii (Little insider (*____~))

I love&miss you my Dummiii :*

JBL Creature III

New box (!!!)
Bye Bye my little cutiii Pig x(
Hello my new ...ehmmm...I dunno x) new JBL Creature III (*___*)

Sonntag, Dezember 26, 2010

Buffet (*___*)

eating Christmas at Lee's Garden with Bibi&BiBu's and their&my familys (*___*)
ohhhh damn (!!!)
I guess we ate the whole restaurant up x)
We rolled back home xD
*yummy yummy yummy*

Freitag, Dezember 24, 2010

My Teddy_Collection ♥

of Michel,Ong_Xa,Dummiii,Nadine,Lulu,Besi ♥

Dummiii ♥

Ong_Xa ♥

Heo ♥

Gifts of my friends (♥___♥)
I love teddies ♥

I ♥ my cousins x*

It was sooooo long ago when I celebrate Christmas in Germany (ô___Ô)
it's so boring @ my grandma's house x(
but I've my lovely cousins ♥
nice nice nice (Y)


Cutiii_Tiiina ♥


Ass_check x)
Fail x)

Feeling so fly ♥


a bit craziiii xP
Like a Princess (*___*


My Lovely Cousins

Merry Christmas ♥

I wish you a merry Christmas (*^3^)
Hope you guys get a lot of gifts&have a nice white Christmas ... ♥

Donnerstag, Dezember 23, 2010

My new Teddy (*____*)

Happy Meals ♥

I love Happy Meals (♥___♥)
because of their Hello_Kitty_Toys

Undescribable&Unforgettable day ♥

Ohhhh damn ... (!!!)
My feelings for you are so ... hmmmm... big (!?)
I can't describe that ♥
Nearly the whole day with my LilaLauneBär ♥
& my lovely Unni :*

1.~7:30 @ my Dummiii ♥
2.changing our Christmas_gifts ♥
...->mine was sooo small x( & his so big x)
3.sleeping till ~ 12:00 ♥
4.having breakfast ♥
5.making ready for the day
6.going out ♥
...->train staition
7.making 2 snow_angels ♥
8.locking our Love_lock ♥
9.making a small snow_fight ♥
10.driving home
11.eating lunch ♥
12.taking the dogs for a walk ♥
13.going to me ♥
14.tiding up my room
15.going to Unni ♥
16.changing our Christmas_gifts ♥
17.talking a lot ♥
18.drinking my Hello_Kitty_Drink ♥
19.going home
20.watching Kpop MV's ♥
21.saying Bye Bye for 10 days

hmmm...I love U 2 :* ♥
Hope you like my gifts (*___*)

Unni !?
Hope the video was good :)
Thank you for ALL the nice memories ♥
It'll be more :*

Dummiii !?
Thank you for this day :*
I'll never forget it (!!!)
Thank you for giving me the magic_feelings,being there for me,giving me your trust,...
aaaahhhh ... for everything (!!!) :*

I'll never let you go ♥

The key to our ♥ No one will destroy our Love :*

His Snow_angel
My Snow_angel